Securewest | Global Security Solutions

Welcome to Securewest International


Securewest provides global risk management services with a reputation for delivering a product that constantly exceeds our client's expectations.

With offices in UK, South East Asia and USA we operate across the private maritime, land and corporate security sectors and understand the complexities of managing risk across continents, oceans, national and international borders.

With over 30 years' experience, Securewest has pioneered best practice and developed products that mitigate risk, minimise probability and vulnerability across our client's exposure to physical, material and reputational risk. 


Our Aim

To provide a bespoke Risk Management service that exceeds our clients’ expectations in challenging commercial environments.

Our values

Securewest is based on the core values of quality, transparency, integrity and teamwork that are entirely client focused. We offer a competitive value proposition in our services where we undertake business with absolute integrity, treating our clients fairly and communicating in a way that is clear, fair and not misleading. We work in partnership with clients to develop security solutions, which fully meet their needs, priding ourselves on the quality of service we deliver. Through the ISO framework, the Company is committed to continuous review and improvement of the services it delivers, to ensure our products meet and exceed our clients’ expectations on each and every occasion.

Our People

With vast experience of the private security sector, our team is drawn from a range of disciplines from both the military and private sectors, which allows us to offer a variety of skills, knowledge and experience to fully understand our client's needs. As a culturally diverse global employer, our team is fully client focused, where we promote a fair and honest environment that respects confidentiality throughout.

We conduct our business in accordance with all laws and regulations applicable to the markets and countries in which we operate, incorporating Health, Security, Safety, and Environment (HSSE) Best Practices into our day-to-day operations to protect employees, clients, property, the environment and fundamental human rights.