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16 Oct 2019

Health, Wellbeing and Travel Risk Management

Earlier this month we celebrated World Mental Health Day with the aim to raise awareness and get rid of the stigma surrounding mental health issues. 

With health and wellbeing under the spotlight, now is the ideal time for the world of business travel to promote and address it through their travel policies and procedures.


Why is this important?

Unfamiliar surroundings, challenging environments and busy schedules are all factors that can have a negative impact on health and wellbeing. Travelling for work can often make your staff feel isolated and experience sleep deprivation, increased anxiety and poor diet/fitness.


10 things you as an organisation can do to promote health and wellbeing to your international travellers

  1. Include health and wellbeing in your pretravel training
  2. Address health (both physical and mental) and wellbeing in your travel policies
  3. Encourage individuals to complete risk assessments especially if they are travelling to higher risk destinations
  4. Put in place adequate safety measures to reduce stress and anxiety
  5. Consider your employees wellbeing when booking travel and accommodation, so they feel comfortable and secure
  6. Urge people to speak up and talk if they have an issue
  7. Support your traveller with regular communication to reduce the feeling of isolation
  8. Provide healthcare assistance, either through your travel risk management company or through a separate provider
  9. Respond to any event quickly and efficiently so it doesn’t turn into a crisis
  10. Make sure your response protocols are appropriate and empathetic following a traumatic incident


How can we help?

We assist clients in developing comprehensive Travel Risk Management programmes which are traveller focused that proactively address issues surrounding security, health and wellbeing.

To understand more about how Securewest can assist you with your Travel Risk Management contact us or call 01548 856 001.