Securewest | News
27 Oct 2016

Sphere Video

Securewest has produced a short, informative video on Sphere, the integrated solution which merges all risk management tools into one, easy to use, portal that allows clients to better manage their travel risk and personnel itineraries.

Sphere enables the seamless risk management of all aspects of international travel in a world where emerging risks can harm people, assets and reputation. Sphere helps clients to fulfil their “Duty of Care” obligations by providing a solution that PREPAREs, SAFEGUARDs and RESPONDs should the need arise. Sphere links to clients Travel Management Companies and can integrate with travel itineraries and updates allowing clients to control their international travel in real-time.

For further information on Sphere and its capabilities, call Securewest on +44 (0) 1548 856 001 or email