Securewest | News
01 Mar 2016

Superyacht Personal Safety Ashore

What would you do if you were caught up in a terror incident ashore? Securewest has collaborated with Captain Rod Hatch for OnboardOnline to produce an article with insight and advice, looking at what actions to take with an Aide Memoire available for download. To view the article and download the Aide Memoire click here

The article covers:

  • Possible Impact on the Superyacht Industry
  • Potential Threat to Yacht Crew and Passengers
  • Data Relevant to Yachting
  • Actual and Foiled Attacks 
  • Threats and Explicit Intent
  • What is the Yachting Industry Doing?
  • Intelligence
  • The Risk at Sea
  • Operatives and Migrant Boats
  • The Risk Ashore
  • France and the French Riviera
  • Risk and Uncertainty
  • Proactive Measures
  • Hope for the Best, Plan for the Worst