Securewest | HSSE



Securewest is committed to achieving high targets of security, safety, health, environmental protection and business efficiency and will strive to continually improve its performance. We believe that incorporating Health, Safety and Environmental Best Practices into our day-to-day operations is essential to promote efficiency while preventing accidents and incidents.

HSSE is an integral part of the company’s work. Our practices allow us to achieve the quality of products and services that our clients expect from us and provide a safe and responsible work environment for our employees, contractors and third parties.

We are certified to ISO 14001:2015 and OHSAS 18001:2007, and our practices are aligned to OGP standards for HSSE in accordance with our customers own systems and expectations.

Securewest strives to achieve superior HSSE performance across all sectors of the company. We fully understand that effective HSSE underpins everything we do when planning and implementing our services.

The company is committed to ensuring safe operations that protect people, the environment and client assets. We believe that all accidents can be prevented through communication of safety to every corner of our business with absolute support from the CEO down.