SSAS Monitoring - Ship's Security Alert System

SSAS Monitoring

Who is managing and monitoring your Ship's Security Alert System (SSAS)? 

Can they respond to an alert anytime day or night in the time mandated?

Securewest offers a dedicated and flag state approved, SSAS management and monitoring service. Monitored by trained security specialists based in our Global Support Centre, through a variety of communications methods, we manage and monitor SSAS systems supplied by most manufacturers. 

The Securewest SSAS management service is approved by many Administrations including the Marshall Islands, Liberia and United Kingdom Coastguard Agency (MCA). This service meets the Competent Authority Requirements of SOLAS 1974 XI-2 6.2.1.

The service provides a single point of immediate human contact with the vessel's SSAS hardware and owner or operating company in the event of an alert, with secure verification of every alert received. Unlike entrusting the notification procedure to a fully automated system that can only contact pre-set destinations, direct human involvement ensures responsive, 'intelligent' monitoring and notification always takes place. In addition, if additional client resources need to be contacted as a result of the initial client contact, this can be immediately actioned and progressed by the Global Support Centre.

Global Support Centre

Offering a true 24/7/365 response and security advice centre, the service is an invaluable aid for a quick response to urgent security questions and situations, up to date information, port and route threat assessments and more. Used by over 16 million tonnes of international shipping, this service ensures total peace of mind for CSOs in charge of fleets of yachts as well as some of the largest commercial shipping fleets in the world. The Global Support Centre is manned 24/7/365 by a team of maritime security professionals and dedicated intelligence officers.

The centre offers:

  •     Comprehensive port and route threat assessments
  •     Regional and site specific risk/threat assessment
  •     E-mail security alerts to CSOs and vessel Masters
  •     Approved Ship Security Alert Systems monitoring
  •     Web based vessel and asset tracking
  •     Emergency liaison and support