Case Studies



Civil unrestCivil unrest and conflict in Yemen

A NGO consultant travelling to Aden, Yemen for a two-week period Yemen has an extreme risk rating due to their political and economic situation and is one of the most difficult business environments. However, the client had travelled to the area before, had local knowledge, and was due to stay in a hotel in one of the safer parts of the city. 

Service Provided Pre-travel

Before travel a regional threat and risk assessment report was produced identifying threats, the level of risk and mitigation recommendations. The consultant received pre-trip training, a traveller risk assessment which included a detailed Journey Management Programme and access to the Sphere App.


During the trip there was an indication of civil unrest and conflict in close proximity to where the traveller was staying. As a precaution, safeguarding measures were put in place on the ground in case the situation intensified and led to a targeted attack. On day 10 of the trip, the consultant heard gunfire outside his hotel room and raised the alert to the Sphere Global Response Centre 24/7. The decision was made to relocate the traveller to a safe house until the conflict subsided. An armed security team was appointed to manage the transfer and provide static security at the safe house. The global response team provided regular security updates and established links with government agencies via the Emergency Management Team at a tactical level. The traveller stayed in the safe house for three days until flight restrictions were lifted and he could safely leave the country.



EbolaEbola outbreak in West Africa


A multinational oil and gas corporation, had eight employees off the coast of Liberia. It was six months since the last case after the initial Ebola virus epidemic.


The team were alerted to a secondary outbreak of the Ebola virus. We implemented an evacuation in-line with pre-defined contingencies. They were advised to stop operations and secure transportation was provided to securely escort them from Monrovia to the nearest airport hub outside of the city limits. Working in collaboration with a medical provider we ensured all provisions were taken so the team of drillers were protected from any contaminated areas where the outbreak had occurred. We liaised with the clients travel management team to arrange all movements to meet the scheduled flights to minimise risk exposure ready for repatriation to their home countries.



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