Risk Consulting Services



Establish the Context
Using in-depth threat assessments and studies, we assist our clients in establishing and understanding the context in which our clients operate or plan to operate in.  This includes identification and analysis of political uncertainty, civil unrest, criminality, terrorism and piracy.  

We conduct reviews of current procedures including risk assessments, treatment and mitigation measures, security, policies and plans to identify gaps and make recommendations for further development and planning, as required. 

Risk Management
We can assist in determining clients risk exposure and developing risk management framework for strategic and operational risks. Securewest design and deliver risk assessments tailored to implement practical and auditable Risk Management Systems.

Planning Services
In addition to the risk management services, we work with clients in the development of practical plans that deliver an effective response to an incident. Securewest deliver 3 key foundation plans or their equivalents. These are:

  • Crisis Management Plan
  • Emergency Response Plan
  • Business Continuity Plan

Training and Exercises
Securewest trainers develop and deliver bespoke in house training courses including:

  • Risk Management
  • Security Management
  • Crisis Management
  • Emergency Management
  • Business Continuity Management

A key part of our training offering is the development and delivery of realistic training exercises, Securewest can deliver various levels of exercises:

  • Table-top exercises
  • Command post exercises
  • Simulation exercises

Security Design
Securewest’s skilled consultants provide detailed, high level security design for a wide range of projects in both maritime and land environments by adopting a comprehensive approach to provide fully integrated security solutions. All designs will be based on a detailed threat assessment, take into account clients risk threshold and will meet national and international regulatory requirements.

Maritime advisory services
We deliver advisory services for onshore and offshore maritime operations:

  • ISPS compliance, audits and advisory
  • Maritime and offshore advisory
  • QHSSE audits and advisory
  • Port security and design


Crisis Response Advisory
Securewest provides advice to clients strategic Crisis Managers on the overarching actions required to make the appropriate crisis decisions and communications at the right time, as well as for operational emergency, business continuity and recovery response.


Re-establish the context
Post crisis, it is imperative to recover and resume operations and business as quickly as is possible.  As a first step, we review and re-establish the context in which clients operate to ensure that organisations, plans, procedures and training are still fit for purpose.

After action reviews
Conducting an After Action Review enables an organisation to identify lessons in order to update plans and procedures. Securewest’s consultants are experienced in conducting post incident debriefs to capture the lessons from responders in order to produce a comprehensive report that documents the decisions and actions taken, issues arising and make recommendations for future planning and training. 

Plans and procedures amendments
Based on lessons identified Securewest assist organisations in reviewing and amending plans and procedures in order to ensure the lessons are learnt through improved plans.

Post incident is a key opportunity to review current Crisis Management training programmes and train crisis responders at all levels; strategic, tactical and operational levels on amended plans and procedures.  Securewest will conduct a training needs analysis and develop and deliver tailored training programmes.