Travel Risk and Itinerary Management

Travel Risk and Itinerary Management

Developed with your duty of care needs in mind, Sphere is a powerful, integrated solution merging all risk management tools into one, easy to use, portal that allows you to better manage your travel risk and personnel itineraries.

Sphere ensures that your exposure to travel risk is assessed and you and your employees are fully prepared for any eventuality, mirroring the Sphere methodology of PREPARE, SAFEGUARD and RESPOND. Able to link seamlessly with your Travel Management Company, the platform analyses your travel risk and automatically displays your pre-determined mitigation measures dependent on your risk tolerances. Support from the dedicated Securewest team ensures you to have tailored processes, protocols and emergency plans in place with a rapid and robust strategy for managing incidents and communicating effectively should the need arise.


  • With the increasing travel risks associated with global terrorism, natural disaster, epidemics, political unrest, crime, infrastructure and conflict - this innovative platform incorporates travel itinerary, tracking & crisis response. Sphere allows you to view all travel itineraries linked to your personnel and company, with the ability to interrogate and search each proposed itinerary and approve or decline.
  • The system offers storage of travellers' hotel and emergency contact details, as well as personal and next of kin information allowing for easy and swift access as required.
  • The pioneering system allows you to set company tolerance levels which can include security mitigation measures, such as, restrictions on the number of employees permitted on the same flight.
  • Supported by intelligence from open and closed sources, the online portal gives access to up to the minute security information on emerging threats and incidents across the globe.
  • Integrated tracking capability provides real-time personnel monitoring and built-in tools give the option of initiating an automated call out to employees directly or potentially affected by an evolving situation.
  • Travel alerts direct to your employees smartphones ensure they are aware of emerging risks. For a fully managed solution, Securewest’s global response centre is available 24/7/365 and in the event of an incident our experienced responders will rapidly assist, following your pre-defined protocols; managing and supporting your people. If required the Securewest Crisis Management Team will be at hand to offer expert guidance and support in order to reduce impact and support business continuity.

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