Track and Trace


Sphere offers a single platform allowing you to monitor and connect with your people and assets, 24/7/365, around the world.  Enabling you to keep your travellers informed, supported and safeguarded and your assets protected.

•  Throughout their trip, travellers receive situational awareness updates and alerts of emerging risks and incidents via email or the Sphere App.

•  The ability to directly communicate with your travellers and providing them with a means of contact if they need assistance are important safeguarding measures.  The Sphere platform communication tools allow for emergency messages to be sent to individuals or groups as well as two way communication and the Sphere App provides travellers and remote workers with an emergency SOS alert system.

•  Live Travel itinerary and real time tracking, check in functions and geo fencing capability ensure Sphere offers the best possible live picture of the locations of your people and assets worldwide.  While it’s interactive mapping allows you to quickly assess the possible impact of security incidents across the globe on those locations and to respond effectively to the risks faced.

•  When operating in unfamiliar territories or countries with elevated risk, Securewest can provide in-country support including:

    - Meet & Greet to ensure the safe arrival, drop off and movement of your personnel

    - Operational security and support in-country, with a range of services from hotel and meeting venue assessments to personnel and asset protection services.


If we can be of service to your company, then please contact us for further information, to discuss your requirements or for a no obligations personalised quotation:

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