Track and Trace

Track and Trace

Sphere is an integral part of your corporate business strategy for risk management and compliance, managing workforce protection and safety 24/7/365.

Our innovative, easy to use, web based platform is an integrated & flexible global, web-based, satellite messaging and personnel monitoring solution available via multiple satellite and GSM networks. Built with your ‘duty of care’ needs in mind, Sphere provides protection in regions where terrestrial solutions may have limited, unreliable or restricted service ensuring full coverage and peace of mind.

How can Sphere help you and your business?

  • State-of-the-art Satellite & GSM platform ensuring 100% coverage globally
  • Based on Software as a Service (SaaS), Sphere is easy to navigate and secure, with a quick and easy set-up and access to monitor your personnel / assets
  • Supporting multiple devices your personnel / assets can be tracked at a low cost solution with multiple language support.

Sphere features to mitigate personnel risk

  • Check-in scheduling
  • Global track and trace
  • Lone worker integration
  • Emergency Alerting, which includes man-down
  • Personal or group monitoring
  • Two-way messaging and routing
  • Centralised alert management safeguarding personnel
  • SMS, e-mail & social network integration
  • Geo-fencing for complete personnel safety and alerts (bespoke on client’s protocol)
  • Integration with Search & Rescue systems
  • Online maps with full global coverage using Google Maps and Street View including overlays showing weather, day/night, latitude and longitude
  • Breadcrumb trails for auditing purposes.

Types of device


Securewest’s dedicated App is available on Apple App Store and Google Play, it is simple to use and has a number of features to protect personnel traveling in high risk / hostile environments. In case of an emergency the App has an Emergency Alert which immediately notifies the Securewest global support centre where the experienced team will respond rapidly 24/7/365. The App holds detailed mapping and access to global travel advise which also incorporates into Sphere to allow management to monitor personnel and their movement with full GSM coverage.


GSM trackers come in many shapes and sizes dependent on the client's requirement. These trackers are best suited to regions with good network coverage or for personnel who work within buildings. Sphere encompasses many diverse trackers to meet the client's specification to include complex tracking, information or emergency alert functionality, protecting your people and assets.


Satellite communication systems are recommended for personnel and assets that work or operate remotely due to poor GSM coverage. These devices can be utilised anywhere in the world by providing voice, messaging, tracking and emergency alerting capabilities.

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