Strategic Planning & Support

Strategic Planning and Support

Securewest International offers a comprehensive and integrated range of planning and support services to help keep your travellers safe and ensure their travel risk is managed from initiation to arrival back home.

Following the Sphere methodology of PREPARE, SAFEGUARD and RESPOND, our services will assist in mitigating travel risk, providing you with the risk management tools with which to protect your people, assets and ultimately your reputation.

Securewest will help you PREPARE bespoke mitigation measures to secure your people, assets and reputation by:

Assisting you to fully assess risk exposure:

  • Travel risk & threat assessments generated from Securewest intelligence analysts and powered by the Sphere travel risk management platform.
  • Linking your Travel Management Company to our web based risk management tool, Sphere, to seamlessly organise individual traveller itineraries and highlight risk against pre-determined tolerance levels with suggested mitigation measures including operational preparation, planning and documentation.
  • Ensuring you and your travellers are prepared before departure:
  • Pre-travel training, advisory, travel checklist and country reports that highlight risks covering; overall threat, terrorism, crime, political unrest, infrastructure, natural disaster, disease/epidemic, conflict.
  • Operational preparation and country entry to include vetting and due diligence.
  • Strategic planning and training incorporating emergency and incident response and crisis management plans.

Securewest will help to SAFEGUARD your travellers by providing:

  • Situational awareness including intelligence updates and alerts of emerging travel related risks.
  • Journey Management to include Meet & Greet ensuring the safe arrival / drop off and movement of your personnel, whilst operating in unfamiliar territories and high risk zones.
  • Itinerary management for protecting and monitoring your personnel globally.
  • Embedded security consultancy to advise and support to mitigate travel risk.
  • Operational security and support in-country, which can include a range of services from venue assessments to personnel and asset protection services.
  • Tracking and Telemetry for complete peace of mind, enabling you to monitor your people and assets.

In the event of an incident Securewest can support you to RESPOND to the emergency situations with:

  • 24/7/365 emergency response in accordance with your company tolerance levels and emergency protocols.
  • Crisis management support and subject matter expert consultancy.
  • Medical advice and guidance.
  • Evacuation support and liaison following predetermined personnel protocols and triggers, linking with local and government agencies.
  • Incident management and support throughout the travel cycle.

Should you need to RECOVER from a crisis, Securewest can provide strategic risk consultancy to ensure business continuity and damage limitation, providing:

  • Business continuity assistance to prevent damage limitation - supporting you and your business after the crisis.
  • Bespoke specialist consultancy dependent on the nature of the crisis.
  • Media & legal support to minimise impact on your people, business and reputation.
  • Conducting a review and audit your company’s policies and procedures to meet business objectives and improve resilience.

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