Securewest | Travel Risk Management


Securewest provides clients with a cutting edge Travel Risk Management solutions that enables clients to safeguard their people, assets and reputation.  With the increasing need for corporate oversight and ‘Duty of Care’ Securewest International’s global support center provides the emergency and medical support needed in times of crisis.

With an ever increasing threat posed to international travellers the Securewest International Risk Management platform seamlessly integrates with a company’s existing security policies and procedures. The Travel Risk Management Platform enhances existing processes and provides a clear audit trail of the steps taken in which a company Prepares, Safeguards and Responds to travel risk.

Prepare bespoke mitigation measures to secure people, assets and reputation by:
•    Pre-travel advisory and training
•    Emergency planning and preparation
•    Threat analysis and assessment
•    Country briefs
•    Lone Worker Travel Application
•    Global tracking solutions
•    Travel Risk Consultancy

Safeguard your travel risk by:
•    Personnel and asset monitoring 24/7
•    Security Movement and Journey Management
•    In-country support
•    Intelligence updates and alerts

Respond to emergency situations by:
•    Emergency and Crisis support in-line with emergency plans and protocols
•    Emergency advisory
•    Medical advisory
•    Evacuation assistance
•    Specialist Risk Consultants (Crisis Management, Kidnap & Ransom, Evacuation, Disaster)

Global Support Center
The Securewest global support center in Norfolk, VA (USA) was established in 2005 and has supported travellers, business’s and operations internationally ever since. The center is manned 24/7 by our highly experienced operators who provide support during emergency situations. In the event of a crisis the Securewest International Crisis Management Team will be at hand to support clients and advise where necessary through the use of our industry expertise and specialist consultants.

Travel Risk Management Platform
The Securewest Travel Risk Management platform provides corporate risk mitigation by enabling global risk advisory, monitoring and emergency response through an integrated solution.

Securewest International Lone Worker Application
The Lone Worker Application provides international travellers with 24/7 emergency response via our global support center. At the touch of a button you will alert our highly trained emergency response team who can assist in emergencies relating to security, travel and medical incidents.



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